5 Simple Ways to Maintain Underarm Hygiene


Celebrities like Paris Jackson and Rihanna have proudly embraced body hair. It is their way to promote self love and body positivity. While this is a great initiative, you might not feel as free to flaunt body hair. When it comes to underarm hair, many women prefer shaving or waxing. Besides letting you throw your arms up confidently, arm hair removal has plenty of other benefits too.

For example, clean underarms can prevent excessive sweating. Plus, you feel fresh and light throughout the day. Less moisture can save you from redness and itching. Also, the chances of serious complications like armpit abscess, lumps and cysts are lowered. So, take a look at a few simple and beneficial ways to ensure healthy underarm skin.

1.    Remove the Hair

Pick the best wax strips for underarms, which promise to work at the root of the hair. Check whether they are formulated with Vitamin E, essential oils and aloe vera. This will ensure a soothing and painless experience. In fact, these ingredients can keep your underarm moisturized for up to 24 hours. Hair-free underarms prevent odor and keep sweat from soaking through clothes.

2.    Avoid Antiperspirants

These are known to reduce sweat formation. However, their active ingredients contain aluminum-based compounds that when absorbed by the skin can lead to breast cancer, according to an article by Healthline. Additionally, when the sweat glands are blocked, the underarms might become excessively dry. Lack of hydration can induce a burning sensation, which is detrimental to underarm skin health.

3.    Mind Your Clothes

Wearing loose, breathable clothes can go a long way to ensure unstained underarms. While dark patches usually do not indicate any health issues, it could make you hesitate to wear sleeveless tops. Make sure to pick the right material, like cotton, and stay away satin and synthetics in summer. Avoid tight tops that can cause skin friction and change the color of the skin beneath. Using a good arm hair removal cream can also prevent darkening of your underarms.

4.    Scrub and Wash

Besides using a trusted underarm hair removal cream, wash the area regularly. Otherwise, there are high chances of oil and dirt accumulation. This can lead to yeast infections. So, take some time daily to scrub, wash and exfoliate the area. Pick a mild soap that can unclog the pores and ensure cell renewal. This will clean the debris and support healthy and silky-smooth skin.

5.    Avoid Smoking

Nicotine is known to raise the body temperature. It can increase the heart beat and also release acetylcholine, leading to unnatural levels of sweat. Therefore, to keep your sweat glands from working overtime and accumulating in the armpits, cut down on the daily cigarette count. This will also improve your overall well-being in the long run.

In all, taking care of this delicate area is not a tough job. Regular underarm waxing, gentle care and the right products can help you throw your arms up in glee whenever you wish to.

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