How Lash Serums Work their Magic


If you have experienced lash envy, that should end the moment you introduce eyelash serum into your beauty regimen. These clinically proven elixirs are applied above the lash line, leading to faster and safer growth of lush, natural lashes everyone has always wanted. The long, silken lashes that these serums promise will respond to mascara and curlers.

What to Expect from Eyelash Serums?

Cavilla Eyelash Serum has emerged to challenge eyelash extensions. It depends on a range of chemicals that work directly on the delicate strands at the tips of the eyelids to turn them into an improved version of themselves.

Lash serums deliver thicker, more resilient, and stronger lashes, as well as minimize breakage, and create a defined lash line. Some of them repair and condition damaged lashes or add length, curl, and density.

While every solution varies in its ingredient lists, the majority deliver shine and condition to lashes due to scientifically proven ingredients. These ingredients include proteins like amino acids, keratin, hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C, E, and H, and more. Also, lash serums have other revitalizing ingredients such as biotin, peptides, panthenol, soluble collagen, grape stem cell, wheat germ, and others. When choosing between brands, ensure to look for safety, how long to wait for the results, and value for money. Also, choose brands known for producing premium products.

How to Best Use an Eyelash Serum

Ideally, eyelash serums must be used as part of your nightly beauty ritual. This way, the serum has lots of time to absorb into the lashes, without being disturbed. Also, this makes sure the bottom lashes also get enough serum. Although you may think about applying the product many times a day, there is no evidence that suggests more applications can better grow lashes. You don’t want to run out of lash serum before you have to. Just ensure you keep the application consistent to support lash growth. You can do this every night or at least 4 weeks.

A targeted lash growth serum comes with a thin, eyeliner-like brush. It lets you apply the product close to the lash line. Also, a think brush lets you control the exact amount to use at once. Some serums though are available with a serum dropper designed to carefully drop serum to the eye area to be massaged in. Lastly, with a wand application, you apply the serum directly from top to tip of lashes like mascara to condition, nourish, and strengthen your lashes.

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