What Are the Symptoms of Sleep Apnoea?


The condition of sleep apnoea is one that causes a person to repeatedly wake up during the night, caused by the airways deflating, which causes the person to stop breathing for a few seconds. If this continues untreated, the person might feel constantly fatigued, and experience mood swings, while easily agitated, which is caused through lack of sleep.

Night-Time Symptoms

The following are some of the symptoms while a person is sleeping:

  • Making regular choking or gasping noises.
  • Waking up for no apparent reason.
  • Loud snoring.
  • Irregular breathing pattern

You could ask your partner if they have noticed any of the above, and if he or she has mentioned snoring, then you should investigate this further by making an appointment to see your regular doctor. When a person sleeps alone and their doctor suspects sleep apnoea to be present, they might ask you to spend time at a nearby hospital where they have a sleep centre, and the technician can monitor your sleeping.

Day-Time Symptoms

There are some pointers to sleep apnoea, including the following:

  • Becoming irate for no apparent reason.
  • Suffering frequent bouts of drowsiness.
  • Constantly feeling fatigued.
  • Morning headaches.
  • Inability to focus for more than a few minutes.

Preferred Treatments

The majority of sleep apnoea sufferers sleep with the aid of CPAP machines, which supply a ‘constant positive airway pressure’, hence the name CPAP. In some severe cases, surgery might be the best solution, but for the majority, the CPAP machine allows a deep and uninterrupted sleep. There are online suppliers of CPAP machines and the accessories, and a simple Google search will help you locate such a supplier, where you can browse the top models, and they even have an easy payment plan to spread the cost over a few months.

Sleep Monitoring

If a person sleeps alone, they might never be aware that they are being disturbed at night, and this can go unnoticed for years, while the sufferer is always tired and irritable. It is often a doctor’s request that the patient is referred to a sleep centre, where a person’s sleeping habits can be closely monitored, as this will reveal the issue, if there is one.

Learning About the Condition

There are a lot of free resources online regarding sleep apnoea, which can help you to familiarise yourself with the condition and make an informed decision regarding treatment. If you would like to view some top-rated CPAP machines, search online and you will find a supplier with a range of the best machines and all the essential add-ons.

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