Role of Self-Efficacy in the Treatment of Substance Abuse


No matter how hard you try, you are unable to stop drinking or using illegal substances. People who have overcome adversity through sheer determination frequently do not comprehend why the same approach does not work for drug addiction.

Reasons why Willpower is not Enough

Contrary to popular belief, willpower alone will not help you overcome these obstacles. The following are five reasons why willpower alone cannot treat addiction:

  1. Since there is no cure for addiction, you must learn to live with it. If you had self-control, you would not be addicted. It is feasible for a person to become addicted to drugs or alcohol when they have little control over their lives. You were unable to choose between drinking, drugs, and other risky activities.
  2. Determined individuals can overcome trauma. Trauma survivors suppress their emotions. Repressing your pain makes it difficult to combat addiction, and fighting in secret ensures that you will never find a solution.
  3. Third, one option is insufficient. Have you ever tried and failed to quit drugs or alcohol? Although desire and tenacity are admirable traits, they are insufficient to bring about this change. Medical care, CBT, and addiction treatment programmes are all effective methods for treating addiction.
  4. Strong willpower prevents individuals from being bound by love. Even the most successful addicts seeking to get clean require assistance. If you believe you can handle things on your own, you won’t seek assistance or let others in. This will hinder your ability to recover.
  5. People do not recall much. Without expert assistance and counseling, long-term abstinence from alcohol and/or drugs is unlikely. Why? The addict’s imagination convinces them that this time will be different. Willpower alone will not suffice, since you will recall how good drugs and alcohol made you feel.

Self-control in Drug Rehabilitation

People claim that willpower is not effective for quitting drugs and alcohol. You’ve made a significant decision. You must be determined to carry out decisions that will alter your life.

It is difficult and unpleasant to alter one’s thoughts and actions. If you want to change, you can seek assistance, receive addiction treatment, and find a new support person or organization such as Wheeler Clinic Hartford.

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