7 Reasons to Get a Regular Skin Cancer Check


Not sure why you should get a skin cancer check? This article outlines seven big reasons why you should get a regular check. For instance, if skin cancer is in your genes, or if your body has hidden areas that are hard to check on your own. Read on to find out more about these reasons and others.


If anyone in your family has had skin cancer, then you need to get a skin cancer check to make sure none of your moles are suspicious. There does seem to be a genetic link to skin cancer, so if your family tends to have a lot of moles on their skin, you should have regular skin cancer checks.

 Real Risk

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, so there’s a very real risk for you if you’re not getting a regular skin cancer check. In addition, 2 out of 3 of the Australian population will experience skin cancer before the age of 70. More than 2000 people in Australia die of skin cancer each year, and 2500 treatments happen for skin cancer in Australia each day. 

Early Detection

Early detection can make the world of difference when it comes to skin cancer treatments and outcomes. Don’t leave it too late. When skin cancer is detected early, there’s a lot that can be done to treat it, which could even save your life. When you have a regular skin cancer check, you’re doing your due diligence and making sure that any suspicious lesions are checked for the possibility of skin cancer.

 Hidden Areas

While it’s advisable to self-check your skin for suspicious moles often, there are many places on the body that are hard to check by yourself. Places like on your scalp, behind your ears, on your back and behind your knees can prove difficult to examine. Getting a professional skin cancer check will ensure all parts of your body have been examined for skin cancer, with any suspicious moles investigated.


When you look at your own skin, you can use your intuition and the ABCDE method of self-checking to help you identify moles that are suspicious. But ultimately, you’re only guessing, so you’ll need the expertise and experience of a doctor to confirm or deny your hunch. That’s why getting a skin cancer check is so important, allowing you to benefit from the knowledge of a skin cancer doctor. 


Looking at your own skin, you only have your bare eyes to help you find suspicious lesions on your body. However, during a skin cancer check, there is different technology available to help doctors look at your skin in detail and identify whether your moles are benign, pre-cancerous or cancerous.

Saving Lives

With the high rates of diagnosis of skin cancer in Australia, and the number of deaths annually, getting a regular skin cancer check could just about save your life. As stated above, early detection is crucial for a positive outcome to a skin cancer diagnosis.

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