7 ways to prevent hair color from fading away


We all love the power that a freshly colored hair gives us. Treating hair with dye can be a great way to completely transform your look or simply make you feel more confident and true. Unfortunately after coloring there comes new challenges of how to make a new hair color look vibrant and prevent it from fading away. So here are 7 tricks on how to make a salon hair color last longer.

1.  Do not rush with washing

When coloring hair, the cuticle(outside layer of hair) has to be raised to let absorb a new color. It takes up to 72 hours for the cuticle to fully close back down and lock in a color inside. So it is best to wait a few days before shampooing to prevent fresh color from fading.

2.  Choose color safe products

If you are still questioning if color protecting products are worth it, we say definitely yes. These products are designed to cleanse without stripping away a new color and maintain a normal pH balance. Also color safe products are mostly sulfate free because this ingredient, as well as other harsh chemicals, will encourage strands to wash away faster. T-LAB Colour Protect Shampoo and other products in this line are here to save you. With a power of french rose extract, pomegranate extract and hydrolyzed silk this shampoo will provide reconstruction and color lock of dyed or toned hair.

3.  Be cautious about water

First of all, consider getting a shower head with a filter, because higher concentration of metals and chemicals in your tap water can affect hair color and also your skin. When rinsing out a shampoo or conditioner, turn down a heat, cool water will ensure to keep the cuticle closed therefore locking in a color and preventing it from fading out with every wash. Finally, before taking a swim in a pool, protect hair with a deeply nourishing conditioner and consider wearing a cap. All the elements in a pool water may damage your hair and shift a tone of hair color.

4.  Use dry shampoo

This step is needed solely for spacing out washes as well as colorings. Dry shampoo will help you to go through one more additional day without washing which will prevent hair color from washing out of strands. Regular dry shampoo will hide roots of blonde hair owners and others might have to look for a pigmented dry shampoo option. We offer trying T-LAB Instant Miracle Dry Shampoo that provides freshness and volume by absorbing excess sebum from the scalp.

5.  Add a leave-in treatment

This step is important to regain moisture and provide extra nourishment to locks after color treatment. Especially if you tend to color frequently hair can become weak, damaged and requires additional care. This can be any treatment of your choice from conditioner to mask but we offer using T-LAB Sapphire Energy Serum Deluxe for tired hair that needs nourishment. Here is what our clients have to say about it: “This is a great “Leave- In” Hair Product. I used it after I conditioned my hair and after I colored and blew dried it.Its now day three and my hair feels and looks great! I also use it when I spend a lot of time in the sun. This is one of the best hair oil/serums I have ever used and I will take it with me anywhere, especially when I travel.”

6.  Skip hot tools

It might be tempting to try new styles on freshly colored hair but leave it up to special occasions. Try to avoid hot tools and choose heatless styling techniques instead. If you cannot resist from heat styling, turn down the temperature as much as possible and do not forget to use heat protection, give a try to T-LAB Frizz Control Serum Deluxe that covers your hair with a film that protects it from environmental influences and heat.

Save yourself some time, money and make the fresh hair color last longer by using these 6 tricks and let us know how it went! We are glad to hear your stories on our social media accounts @tlabprof_official. Hope these tips will help to maintain vibrant hair color longer as well as healthy locks, take care.

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