A pencil skirt is the key ingredient if you want a casual at the same time a sophisticated look. One cannot limit pencil skirts in only one set of outfits. You can create simple casual attire with the skirts, and with a little twist, the casual look can turn into a unique piece of attire. All you need to do is try different ways. And as a result, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Usually, perfectly fitted pencils skirts mean closed like hugging the body and slightly extra close to the bottom, on the knees. Some pencil skirts have a chain opening feature on its back, and some have it on the side though the length. Otherwise, there are not many features in pencil skirts. Your body’s curves make them look stunning.

Here is some example to show you how many different ways a pencil skirt can style your look.

1. Long Pencil Skirts with Short Houndstooth top: Tops are scorching attire. And if you combine them with ankle-length pencil skirts, you will look as hot as fire. Classic pump shoes will complement your overall look. And to make it classier and bold, put a short black leather jacket on your shoulder. Who said that a woman could not look chic and feminine at the same time?

2. Pencil Skirt with Polka Dot Shirts: Pencil skirts are the perfect outfit for your office. But everyone has seen at least one woman with a plain black pencil skirt and a formal shirt. Don’t you want to be unique? Put on a mustard-colored long pencil skirt along with a black blouse with white polka dots. It will give you a sophisticated and slightly vintage look at the same time. To complete your look, wear high-heels and a fur jacket.

3. Combine Sleeveless Sweater and Textile Pencil Skirt. A woman must have a lot of winter outfits, but have you ever thought of creating something unique with the existing ones? Most of the women like their sleeveless sweater on top of a full-sleeved blouse. That’s common. Try it wearing on top of a textile pencil skirt. This combination will create an elegant look and can keep you warm at the same time.

4. Multi-colored Pencil skirt. Your winter look can be so unique, why summer will remain dull. We have learned about different ways to wear solid colored pencil skirts. There is nothing better than a futuristically colored pencil skirt to represent summer. Combine it with tight and short black top and black heels; wear a stylish sunglass and small pearl or diamond necklace and Baam! The summer-queen is here.

5. Red Pencil Skirts: Red or Black color can give you a sophisticated or bold look, but nothing can make you more attractive like a red regular lengthens pencil skirt. Combine the vibrant skirt with a short white tee and use trendy accessories. Choose extraordinary boots to polish your look – a perfect way to catch everyone’s eye.

6. Wraparound Pencil Skirt: To a beach party and planning to wear the usual outfit than others? That does not sound like you. Pencil skirts also have amazing designs of wraparound skirts to make you look sexier than ever. Wear a tight fitted short top on the top of your skirt and fulfill your look with fabulous heels. No one’s look is going to be as sexy and unique as you at the same time.

7. Suede Pencil Skirts: You a fan of wild and crazy, fun looks, then no one can create a fantastic look like you. Wear your brown suede pencil skirt with a funky sleeveless top. Add a little shimmer with shiny jewels and mirrored sunglasses. Wear laced high heels to complete your look and let the world go wild on your fabulous look.

8. Metallic Pencil Skirts. For a new club outfit? Pencil skirts also have an option for your clubbing. They say, only one piece of your complete outfit can make your overall look shine. The metallic sprayed pencil skirt can give you a killer look on your club night. Wear a simple white top and make yourself the center of everyone’s attraction. You can also wear them on other occasions with a jacket and black boots.

9. Crop Top with Pencil Skirt: It is more to be surprised. The most popular one is the khaki pencil skirt outfit. If you are one of them who loves to show off their body, then it’s perfect for you. To look incredibly sexy and feminine, wear a cashmere coat with the outfit and finish it with laced high heels. And let everyone go crazy on your amazing figure. Yishion Online Shopping website has a fantastic collection of crop top and pencil skirt combos.

10. Mini Pencil Skirts. There are also mini versions of the pencil skirts are available. Mini pencil skirts will look amazing with both casual tees and shiny short and tight tops. If you tuck your oversized t-shirt inside the black mini pencil skirt then wear a snicker, then it’s a great casual but unique outfit. If you are going for a party, put on a shiny black short top on top of your skirt. With a vibrant red lipstick, only you can nail the look.

No matter how many ways we mention to wear pencil skirts, it will not be enough to complete the list of looks you can create with pencil skirts. From a simple solid-colored pencil skirt to a shiny metallic sprayed dress, there many different types of pencil skirts are available, and every skirt can be used as a weapon of your look. All you need to do is believe in yourself and feel comfortable with what you are wearing.

If you are feeling a lack of confidence because of your oversized body, then you should know that pencil skirts are made to suit everybody type. You need to choose the perfect one for you. For example, if you have a belly, you should choose a high waist pencil skirt instead of low waist ones because it will squeeze your midsection and make your body curves attractive. So you see, a perfect choice of outfit can make you look beautiful and attractive than ever.

Tyson Keira