Finding Exceptional Quality Handmade Jewellery In Bangkok


When you are looking to buy some sterling silver filigree jewelry, you can find some excellent handmade examples in Bangkok that may interest you at an affordable price. Bangkok is a global trading centre for fine jewellery and polished gemstones, and many highly skilled artisans create beautiful handmade jewellery full of details. You can find some advice below to help you find the best places to purchase your jewellery, and if you look hard enough, you can find some exceptional deals.

Avoid The Shopping Malls In Bangkok

You will want to avoid the shopping malls in Bangkok when you are looking for a bargain, as they sell high-quality handmade jewellery at a higher price. Ideally, you will want to visit smaller independent jewellery stores that make their jewellery on-site by hand, and there are plenty of these available. You can often get similar designs much cheaper than the jewellery stores in the shopping malls, so it is worth visiting small stores to get a fantastic deal.

Explore The Bangkok Markets

You will also want to try exploring some of the many fantastic markets you find throughout Bangkok, and you can get some excellent deals on beautiful filigree jewellery. Some market stalls have a tremendous selection of stock, and you can also speak to them about making something bespoke if you prefer and cannot find what you want. One of the best markets you can visit is Chatuchak Weekend Market, the largest open-air market globally and boasts over 15,000 stalls selling an assortment of items, including jewellery. When you do find something that you like, there are ways you can get excellent discounts if you know what you are doing.

Getting The Best Price On Your Jewellery

Once you have found the perfect jewellery, you can get a superb deal if you haggle on the price. You will find the vendor is much more open to negotiation when purchasing multiple items, so you may want to buy a few pieces of jewellery. Let the vendor start the process and name their price, and you can counter-offer but ensure you do not go too low, which may make them angry and refuse to deal with you.

Once you settle on a price, ensure you get a receipt from them, and you can then claim back the 7% VAT at the airport before you head home. You can click here to find out how you can claim back the VAT from your purchases in Thailand, which can make your good deal on jewellery an excellent one.

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