Few Strange Truths About Removal of Laser Tattoo


Most of you may be thinking that you know almost everything about removal of laser tattoo, but there are few strange truths that perhaps you are not aware about as far as laser tattoo removal fading is concerned.

Here are few facts that may look very strange but it is true.

  1. Laser does not remove the ink

People often tend to think that laser can remove unwanted ink, but in fact, it will target the pigment to break them up and the body immune system will dispose of all the ink.

  • Ink is disposed through your urine

When the laser pigment breaks up then through your immune system it will go into the bloodstream and travel to kidney. Then the ink will be dispersed through urine.

  • Tattoos can easily be removed from certain body parts

Due to blood circulation, tattoos close to heart will quickly fade. Same is also true with tattoos on the torso. Usually, removal of hand and feet tattoos are most difficult.

  • Size doesn’t matter

Size of the tattoo is nothing to do with their removal, as the rate of removal depends on the body part where it has been done.

  • Skipping sessions too doesn’t matter

Extending time between removal treatment of laser tattoo will not impact negatively on your results, unlike with the laser hair removal.

  • Hitting the gym can accelerate fading

Stronger is your blood circulation, faster can you remove the unwanted ink and hence hitting to gym can help a lot.

  • Cigarettes may slow down removal of tattoo

By smoking your blood circulation may become slow and will make it little difficult to remove your tattoo. Even quitting for few days can also help.

  • Not all colors will be treated equally

Usually, black colors are the easiest one that can be removed as compared to blue or green which may take much longer time.

  • Your skin color too may make removal difficult

If your skin color and the tattoo color does not have much contrast then it can be difficult in removal of the tattoo. Black tattoo in fairer skin will be easier to remove as compared to tanned skin.

  • Lasers do not remove freckles

People who have got freckles may love them or also hate them. Those who love will be happy that removal of laser tattoo will not make all those unique marks easily disappear.

People who hate them have to adopt different laser procedure, which are able to get rid your skin from freckles and other beauty marks.

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